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We accept new pupils throughout the year, please contact us for an appointment to look around and meet us.


New potential students will be receive one FREE session ( this cover a class of each of Ballet, Modern, tap, Acro) at any level. These help the student and teachers  decide on the appropriate classes to suit the age, ability  and experience of each child.

After this trial period we will ask for the student to be formally enrolled as a member of the school.

\there is a one off enrolment fee of £10, which includes an 'Imperial Academy' t-shirt. 


Students and families who enrol with 'Imperial' do so through their own choice and are entering into an agreement to to follow the rules and regulations that are required in order for our school to be a safe and welcoming place.

Please see our Code of Conduct for more information.


Fees are organised into monthly terms and are payable in advance.

No refunds are available for classes not taken and notice must be given for cancellation of any classes before the start of a new term, to avoid charges being made.


Regulation uniform should be purchased once the student is enrolled. All items can be purchased through the 'Imperial'.

Correct uniform and grooming are an important part of dancing; as it prevents injury and encourages order and discipline in class.

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