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We are excited to invite you to our Open Day on

                         SATURDAY 10TH DECEMBER

where you will be able to see some of our students Ballet, Modern and Tap work. 

All class times will be as normal - no booking required.

For prospective students - please ring the door bell for entry.

                 We look forward to seeing you all.


We have had a fun year back at dance festivals for our experienced and new performers. We have really enjoyed performing and have won lots of medals and trophies in different genres.We have especially enjoyed taking part in  group dances and have had great success, including;

1st - Senior Classical Groups

1st - Intermediate Cabaret Groups

2nd - Intermediate Cabaret Groups

2nd - Senior Classical Groups

3rd- senior Classical Groups

3rd - Senior Cabaret Groups

3rd - Senior Cabaret Groups

4th - Junior Cabaret Groups


GOOD LUCK! to all our ISTD Modern, Jazz and Tap candidates who are taking exams on Monday 5th December 2022

 Good Luck also to our DDE candidates entering Units 2 and 5 of the ISTD teaching exams in November


Miss Jorga (our Ballet teacher) will be appearing in the panotmime 'Sleeping Beauty' at the Concordia Theatre, Hinckley. From 12th January - 4th February.

This family friendly production will include lots of dancing, singing and fun, laughter and special effects.

  It would be lovely if as many students as possile could come along and watch Miss Jorga perform.

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