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Dance is the perfect way to keep children active in a safe but fun way.  Through dancing, they will improve their flexibility, coordination, balance, stamina, strength and posture.

Dance requires discipline and focus, which has been shown to increases academic performance.

          Dancing also teaches perseverance and resilience. Children often expect to achieve success in everything they try straight away and find it hard to cope when things go wrong. Through careful training they learn the benefits of making progress over time, through guided practise, to improve and achieve success.


Children who dance have improved levels of self-confidence. It takes great courage and confidence to dance on stage in front of an audience or take an examination and dance helps encourage both of these wonderful qualities. Dance also helps foster a positive attitude towards accepting constructive advice and using this to improve skills further.

At ‘Imperial Academy of Dance’ we believe that being taught by a qualified teacher ensures that all the benefits of dance can be gained in a safe, fun and supportive environment.




Ballet  provides the basic groundwork for all other genres of dance. Training in Ballet improves core strength, posture, co- ordination and discipline among other skills.


Using percussion, rhythms, patterns and tone. Tap is an exciting style of dance that has evolved greatly over the years and can be enjoyed by all ages.


Acro helps improve flexibility, strength, balance and control. It also teaches tricks and skills that can included into other styles of dance.


Modern dance comes in many forms, including; Jazz, Lyrical, Commercial and street . It can be seen in theatres, music videos, television and concerts.


We are hoping to include the new ISTD Contemporary syllabus to our classes very soon.


The Diploma in Dance Education is the ISTD's teaching qualification. Classes cover all units of this qualification as well as offering support for online modules.

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